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Movie Psychics Predict: Gilly of Thrones

We all know everyone’s going to die in Game of Thrones. The real question is, who will survive?

Movie Psychics Episode One – Radical Jack

In this episode, the psychics peep a tale of a cunning mullet bandit that chops away precious mullet locks. Is any mullet safe? Is Billy Ray Cyrus not legally allowed to call himself “Billy Ray Cyrus” without his mullet? Mullet mullet mullet.

Movie Psychics One Minute Spot

Our commercial didn’t air during the Super Bowl, but we’re still super stoked about it airing on public access! We’re also stoked about our first YouTube episode that’s on the way!

Movie Psychics Episode 9 – The Curve or WTF Are Hitclips?

The Curve

Jeff and Charlotte look at the cover of The Curve starring Matthew Lillard and weave a tall tale about what the movie will be about.

Their vision begins with an evil and eccentric student who aims to kill his slacker classmates. Mr. Peterson, their creepy teacher, tries to intervene so they’ll all live and he can continue to spy on them in the locker room. Gross, Mr. Peterson. Also, what the hell are hitclips? Find out in this episode that is sure to be a hit(clip) in podcast history!.

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The Curve